Gelotols are an open species that is based on both gelatin and axolotols. Despite them naturally having gelatin and squishy bodies, it’s up to you as the owner of your Gelotol to use whatever traits you like in order to make a character you enjoy! We have an ARPG aspect to our species for our Discord, and Non-ARPG aspects so our species can appeal to anyone who wants to make one. We wanted to create an open species that everyone can have fun with and not have to worry about constant limitations. We want to create a community for everyone that’s safe and healthy to be in while still creating fun characters that fit your every need. If you want more information on creating your Gelotol, check out the information and traits tab, as it has both ARPG and non-ARPG elements.


As of right now, there aren't any major rules that exist outside of ARPG elements that are written down in our Discord. However, please refrain from creating and selling Gelotol adopts, as we're trying to work on how to make sure that the Gelotols are specified as being ARPG or non-ARPG. This will be updated later on with more information concerning adopts.

Gelotols Discord

Come join us!

We'll be posting events and updates here regarding the Gelotol Species and we would love for you to join in! Most of our ARPG content is going to be in this Discord, so you can meet new people and have fun! Feel free to stop by if you have time!